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Our roots
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Our Roots

St Gabriels Tabernacle of Praise Ministry was birthed in January 2010. When we started out on this journey, we were only a congregation of 3, and over the years God has added more members to the ministry and He has used us mightily in the format of miracles, deliverance, healing and life changing testimonies.

The aim of St Gabriels Tabernacle of Praise Ministry is to be a place of sharing the love of God, where hurting people can come and find help in a place of acceptance. Anyone can come and discover the love and forgiveness of God. A place where we can strengthen and encourage people by helping them to overcome the challenges they face and become victorious.

Our pastorial team

Our Leaders

St Gabriels Tabernacle of Praise Ministry pastoral team consists of 3 Pastors and 1 Deaconess. Together we work brilliantly as a team, for God has made it that we all have different skills and walks in life, that allows us really help and empathise with our congregation.

Our Mission

Our Mission

What we aim to achieve in 2023.

We support other churches by attending as many of their events they put on over the year. We also put on three main events ourselves. One in spring, one in summer and the third is in winter. Depening on the weather, we also have a family picnic sports day in the summer. It’s a great time to invite friends and family outside of the church. It’s our way of breaking down barriers and getting to know one another and to even possibly invite them to church.

Our annual events

– Pastor Dawn presents: The Tabboo Series

– Revive

– Grace’s Gala (private event)